The Design Code® Process


Book One in a Two-Book Series on:

Visual Elements, Visual Relationships, Compositional Devices, and Idea starters.  Also included is a section on how to portray movement and change, as in comic book stories.


Book Two in this Two-Book Series on:

The Design Code® process This is a more in-depth look at how the system applies to drawing, painting and photography. It is based on examples with an ocean theme and furnishes you about 45 exercises to challenge the creative juices. Also included is a demonstration of  how the system can be used to generate many ideas. Specifically--eight approaches to create a logo, brochure, and stationery for a B&B by the sea .

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Diane Solvang-Angell Author of the Two-Book Series on the The Design Code Process


Fred Griffin Northwest Painter, Educator, and Developer of The Design Code

      On this web site, you’ll also find the author’s art and her eBooks on digital art--and be sure to check out weekly Doodle Play, Photo Play, and Studio Play tabs, for some art-in-action insights.

    Based on a rich idea-generating system developed by Northwest artist and educator Fred Griffin, these books are for art students and teachers of all ages--for those who have an understanding of design and those who are new to design. The books take you, step-by-step, through a sequential comprehensive approach to composition. The Design Code® process teaches fluidity, flexibility, elaboration and originality, which are highly praised in any domain.